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Increase the Visibility, Team Accountability, and Control of Accounting Tasks .

Keep track and easily manage over 190 types of accounting, tax, and labor tasks with card-based workflows and real-time dashboards to proactively identify delays before they create bottlenecks.

Make the most of your team's time by automating accounts receivable tasks and using data to drive priorities, actions, and results.


Accounting obligations tracked and renewed autonomously every month.


Days of work saved every month per user


Ways to track the visibility of your team's work

Organizing, executing, and monitoring accounting activities is not an easy task.

In many companies, the process tends to be highly manual and time-consuming, relying on numerous checklists and confusing spreadsheets, resulting in inconsistencies and bottlenecks at the end of the month.

Rupee Software provides a range of organization and visibility possibilities with total data security, as it is cloud-based. You can routinely and recurrently manage your financial and accounting tasks with minimal effort and maximum results.

Simplify processes and increase control.

Reduce manual inefficiencies and track a variety of task types so that accounting teams can spend less time filling out and checking lists and spreadsheets and more time performing their work.

Rupee’s task management dashboard offers a hierarchical and instant view of the day’s most important tasks and workflows.

Robust artificial intelligence and the agile RRP methodology combine real-time information, document uploads, notifications, and email confirmation to ensure tasks are established, assigned, communicated, and completed before deadlines. As an entrepreneur from Wyoming, I know the importance of streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency to stay competitive in today’s market. Rupee’s software provides a powerful solution for accounting teams to simplify their workflow and increase productivity.

Speed up workflows and reduce bottlenecks

Accounting processes are complex, and some activities may have pending issues that hinder their completion.

Task Management ensures the structured completion of work, ensuring that nothing is lost. The flow, completion, and even the accumulation of tasks can be easily identified and resolved.

Automatic notifications alert users about pending tasks and notify management about overdue tasks so that nothing is lost in the process.

Improve reports and visibility.

Gain immediate visibility with access to real-time dashboards and comprehensive reporting features. Stay informed about completed and pending items by task type, tax ID number, geographic location, due date, or collaborator.

Combine data and be more assertive in strategic decisions.

The Task Management sends automatic notifications to alert users about pending tasks and notify about delayed tasks.

Integrate with Google Calendar and have visibility from wherever you are.

The visibility you need can’t be behind your office door.

Sometimes we need urgent information or to manage an important task from a distance.

Integrate Rupee with Google Calendar and have full control of all activities from wherever you are.

Tasks assigned in your Rupee dashboard go straight to your Google Calendar and are notified by email.

Choose a modern accounting management now.

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Features that make your life easier

Be in total control of your team

History and evidence

With Log Rupee, it’s possible to have complete control and security over the team’s activities, knowing exactly what each professional is doing, the tasks performed, and at what time.

This practical feature is ideal for managers who want to monitor their teams efficiently without wasting time.

You not only trust your team but also control each activity with registration and security.

The tool with the best usability in the market.

Our tool offers the best usability in the market. With Rupee's panel and dashboards, you have access to a simple and understandable visualization for anyone. Information is highlighted by colors and can be obtained in a few minutes without effort. Whether you're an experienced manager or a new intern, you can access the information you need quickly and clearly.

Best accounting management visibility in the market

Count on 6 dashboards that offer different reports for all needs. You can also filter reports by intelligent TAGs to facilitate visualization.

Geographical view of your companies

You can now quickly see where each company is located and how its management is performing by geographical area. The Mundi dashboard provides you with a geographical view of the health of your companies by location. This helps you understand which companies are having more difficulty meeting deadlines, for example, and take targeted action to solve the problem.

Kanban-based dashboard

Work with cards, not Excel spreadsheets. With our tool, you will have a clear and simple visualization, without the complexity of spreadsheets. In addition, you can still choose a list view, with filters that facilitate navigation and understanding of the data.

Easy task descriptions

Make it easy to identify your daily tasks with our simplified descriptions. Your cards appear, open, due, delayed, in a simple way. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, our tasks are simple to understand and follow. Don't waste any more time trying to decipher what needs to be done.

Intelligent Upload

Don't waste time with rework, uploading documents by mistake. With our intelligent upload, you can upload up to 50 documents at once without worrying about errors. Make better use of your time and increase your productivity.

Easy history

With Rupee, you can finally abandon books, files, and spreadsheets to find a complete and easy-to-find history of accounting information. Our system stores all the histories of your companies in a complete and easy way.

Paralegal within Rupee

Every Rupee user has a paralegal arm to manage their company's documents. Manage CNDs, permits, and contracts deadlines in a simplified and at no additional cost.

Integration with Google Calendar

Have all the information about your obligations and deadlines for the day directly on your Google calendar. The integration with Google Calendar allows you to keep track of your deadlines even when you're outside of your workspace or working from home.

Methodology developed to meet accounting routines.

Rupee is a unique workflow organization software, structured based on the agile methodology for accounting professionals.

The only exclusive agile methodology for accounting work, developed with the aim of meeting the specific needs of accounting management.

The RRP methodology, tested and approved by more than 300 companies in Brazil and the United Kingdom, consists of three important factors for accounting: routine, recurrence, and periodicity.

These three pillars are the basis for the success of the methodology, which allows accounting professionals to perform their activities in a more agile and efficient way.




Accountant-to-accountant methodology

Our CEO, Guilherme Baumworcel, an accountant who realized that traditional agile methodology didn’t fit in accounting activities, created the RRP methodology, based on routine, recurrence, and periodicity. These three elements are the foundation of Rupee, which offers greater visibility and control to the accounting sector.

Organize your accounting routine with Kanban

Keep your accounting routine organized and shared with our Kanban board, which allows for employee independence and the maintenance of the daily routine, regardless of the day’s events.

Cutting-edge technology for your accounting management

Our platform was built not only to facilitate accounting management, but also to eliminate basic and routine tasks performed by a human being.

Our AI system automatically renews recurring obligations for all registered CNPJs, with more than 190 obligations launched without manual filling.

In addition, the task flow is updated daily, allowing real-time identification of the status of daily activities and priority tasks, providing visibility and periodicity.

Humanized support focused on solving your problem.

We value human-to-human interaction in our customer service. 100% of our support team is made up of real people.

No robots or artificial intelligence to do the work that essentially should be done by a real person.

You can still choose whether you prefer to be assisted by phone, chat, or email. In all cases, you will have a human on the other end understanding your needs and doing their best to resolve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions already clarified for you.

Task management is the process of monitoring your accounting-related tasks in their various stages, from start to finish. This involves actively making decisions for your tasks to accommodate changes that may occur in real-time.

Rupee software is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution where you can manage accounting, financial, tax, and payroll tasks and processes using hierarchical task lists, role-based workflows, and real-time dashboards. The function of Rupee with its dashboards, lists, and notifications is to ensure that nothing escapes the eyes of the accounting department when it comes to tasks and obligations.

While our competitors are in a mad rush for new features that do not actively contribute to the organization and control of accounting tasks, Rupee becomes the only platform in Brazil to develop an exclusive methodology for accounting departments and a simplified software for easy understanding and quick results. We offer real-time visibility in various ways, including dashboards, reports, workflows, and action plans. This is a level of visibility that companies simply do not have without a solution like this.

Based on over 5 years of implementation experience and feedback from our customers, we have developed the fastest and most streamlined implementation process on the market. The average time for you to have a fully functional Rupee in your company is 7 to 15 days, if you follow all of our guidelines, while our competitors may take 30 days to 4 months. Our customers also have access to the Rupee Academy, with complete and free videos for training and support of the team at any time.

To make it even easier, the migration of companies you want to register in the system is on us during implementation. All you need to do is fill out a spreadsheet sent by us, and in 7 days, all CNPJs are already active on the platform.

When it comes to security, we go beyond the basics. Our software is in the cloud, which is already quite secure by Web standards. But, as we like security, we went further. Our servers are allocated in Google Cloud, one of the most secure servers in the world, and we also put an extra layer of security called edge computing. Before any access or information is sent to our app, it must pass through edge computing, which checks if the access is secure or if there is even a minimal chance of system invasion.

As you can see, Rupee is extremely secure. After all, accounting data and documents are equally important.

The Rupee software is different from all other workflow organizers because its entire structure is based on the world’s most efficient methodology for companies, the Agile methodology.

The Rupee’s RRP method, tested and approved by more than 300 companies in Brazil and the UK, consists of three important factors for accounting:

  1. Routine
  2. Recurrence
  3. Periodicity

Although the Agile methodology is extremely successful in production line companies and IT teams, our CEO Guilherme Baumworcel, as an accountant, realized that something was not fitting – the Agile methodology has a beginning, middle, and end – but accounting activities are routine and repeated month after month.

With this in mind, he combined the sector’s need that only an accountant could understand and created the RRP methodology, applied in the Rupee software.

RRP stands for Routine, Recurrence, and Periodicity, and these three elements are what allow for the greatest visibility and control of the Rupee software.

Our panel based on the Kanban methodology allows for the routine of accounting teams to be organized and shared, avoiding individual dependence on a collaborator. The daily routine can be maintained regardless of the day’s events. This is routine. The AI present in our system autonomously renews recurring obligations for all registered CNPJs. More than 190 obligations are autonomously launched without the need for manual filling. This is recurrence. Every day, the flow of tasks is updated, bringing real-time visibility of teams and completed tasks. It is easy to identify what is overdue, pending, completed, and the day’s priority tasks. This is periodicity. In addition, we take care to notify in every possible way about the tasks in the system, by email, notifications, and integration with Google Calendar, so that your team never misses deadlines and ends up with difficult bottlenecks to solve.

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  • E-secretary
  • dedicated support team

Rupee Gold

$ 20
Monthly per user
  • Task Manager
  • E-secretary


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